Departure Times:
Nov 17, 2016 22:40 PM
Nov 17, 2016 22:40 PM
Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles , California   
 United States


Arrival Times:
Nov 19, 2016 08:45 AM
Nov 19, 2016 08:45 AM
Kingsford Smith International Airport
Sydney , New South Wales   

Operating Airline:
United Airlines
Marketing Airline:
United Airlines
Aircraft age:
1yrs. & 3mos.  

Flight Details

 Flight No.: UA 839 Seat #: 34A   
 Class: Economy Upgrade: 0
 Type of Flight: Revenue Fare Code:
 Distance: 7,488 miles Flying Time: 14 hrs 34 min
 Approx. Speed: 514  mph    
PRCH2 FICKY B581 AFONE B581 WAYSE B581 WACOS 0400S/17000W 0500S/17200W 1000S/17800W 1500S/17400E 1800S/17000E 2200S/16300E 2500S/16000E CBULA BANDA J70 CORKY H12 SADLO H12 BOREE

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