Flight Data


Sep 27, 2012 19:50 PM

Auckland / Mangere Airport
Auckland, Auckland-Region   
 New Zealand


Sep 27, 2012 12:45 PM

San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco, California   
 United States

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Reg. #: ZK-NBV
Aircraft age : 0 yrs. & 0 mos.

Flight Details

 Flight No.: NZ 8 Seat #: 66B   
 Class: Economy Upgrade: 0
 Type of Flight: Revenue Fare Code:
 Distance: 6,516 miles Flying Time: 11 hrs 56 min
 Approx. Speed: 546  mph    
AA TARIB NIMOD 2500S 17000W OSUGA 1500S 16200W OTURI 0500S 15700W 0000N 15500W 0500N 15300W 1000N 15100W 1500N 14800W 2000N 14500W 2500N 14000W FIZEL 3200N 13000W MAFIC A220 CINNY OSI SFO

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