Flight Data


Nov 26, 2014 18:05 PM

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Saint Paul, Minnesota   
 United States


Nov 27, 2014 08:25 AM

Heathrow International Airport
London, Greater London   

Aircraft: Boeing 767-400
Reg. #: N845MH
Aircraft age : 0 yrs. & 0 mos.

Flight Details

 Flight No.: DL 12 Seat #: 16 G   
 Class: Economy + Upgrade: 0
 Type of Flight: Revenue Fare Code: TLXB14US
 Distance: 4,015 miles Flying Time: 7 hrs 25 min
 Approx. Speed: 541  mph    
DLH J533 YQT 5300N 08000W 5500N 07000W AVUTI 5800N 05000W 5800N 04000W 5800N 03000W 5700N 02000W PIKIL SOVED REVNU BAKUR UN546 STU UP2 OKESI Y3 BEDEK

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